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This Wiki( www.Wikipedia.org, Wikipedia) type Web site, a collaborative knowledge management Web site, is to be used by you (e.g., test engineer, startup engineer, design engineer, technicians, construction white hat supervisor, etc) involved with commercial nuclear power plant construction. The material presented in this Wiki is supplied by you. This Web site is intended to allow the industry to successfully produce carbon free, cost effective electricity generation by building and operating new commercial nuclear power plants. If these new plants have significant cost overruns, there won't be a nuclear industry thereafter in the USA. Doing it right in the field the first time will help prevent cost overruns. Use your field experience and the knowledge you have obtained from it to help others construct new nuclear power plants. Provide information on topics listed here and/or create new topics.

Cost overruns in large capital projects occur for a few reasons. Components may arrive at the construction that have fit up issues where the solution must be developed in the field. Correct and optimized construction methods and plant startup practices may not be known or are unattainable in the field in a timely manner. Construction situations may arise that are difficult for novice engineers and construction personnel to solve in a reasonable time frame because a lack of readily available solutions and practices. But much of this knowledge may be in someones head. It may reside in the head of a seasoned engineer that helped construct the original 100 or so nuclear plants in the USA. This TWiki provides a knowledge management Web site from which these individuals and those new to the field can readily supply and obtain industry best practices, engineering solutions, and construction processes. This is an evolving Web site of knowledge, under your control.

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TWiki is a powerful, yet flexible and simple web-based collaboration plateform (a Wiki) with security. TWIki directions and highlights are listed below. Registration is also noted at the bottom of the page. I suggest you click on "WelcomeGuest" to get a quick introduction, and then "Tutorial" and "Users Guide" in that order if you feel you need more information before adding your knowledge to this site.If you want to do a test drive before trying to go formal, go to the sandbox and start typing in your thoughts. Get comfortable with TWiki editing and then move to the topics. This TWiki provides information, as supplied by your peers, to support nuclear power plant construction techniques and engineering.

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We don't construct many large projects in the United States anymore. This may soon change. The NRC has approved two nuclear plants to be built by Southern Nuclear in Georgia. Because of the heighten concern of global warming (Global warming is not only a threat to our future health, it already contributes to more than 150,000 deaths and 5 million illnesses annually, according to a team of health and climate scientists at the World Health Organization and the University of Wisconsin at Madison—and those numbers could double by 2030.) commercial nuclear power plants supplying carbon free produced electricity must be constructed in the United States once again. Other countries like France have long recognized the benefits of commercial nuclear power and have had many years of nuclear power plant contruction (nuclear power supplies 90% of France's electricity). Other countries like China have initiated over the last few years a very aggressive construction goal for their nuclear power plant program. Sweden which had a national law to shutdown their operating nuclear power plants has resinded this law. But new nuclear power plant construction in the United States will not be successful unless knowledge on how to best construct these plants is rapidly applied to these new plants as they are being built. The nuclear power industry in the United States and around the world must get it right this time. Plants must be constructed on schedule, within budget, and operate successfully. If not, the industry will not be able to recover and the benefits of this carbon free technology in the production of electrcity will not be achieved. To achieve success this Web site was constructed to provide real time knowledgement management as provided by nuclear power plant professionals around the world. Hopefully, those engineers involved in constructing plants in the '70s and '80s will document their knowledge in this TWiki.

This site documents nuclear power plant construction experience for use by people constructing today's nuclear power plants.

This site will allow the commercial nuclear power industry reach a level of excellence in construction of the next generation of nuclear power plants that heretofore has not been achieved. How can this site help make this happen? By documenting the collective knowledge of all those engineers and technicians who have been or are presently involved in nuclear power plant construction. This unique Web 2.0 site uses the power of a Wiki to document and thus provide the most up to date information on all aspects of nuclear power plant construction. Presently in the world there exists two categories of people knowledgable about commercial nuclear power construction. The first are professionals who built the presently operating plants (20% of the United States electricity is supplied by carbon free nuclear power plants) in the 70s through the 80s and next are those people in the field now constructing nuclear power plants (e.g., Finland, China, etc).

Yes, the Fukushima accident may have severely wounded the prospects of new commercial nuclear power plants. But it's clear that the world can not continue to burn fossil fuels like coal and natural gas and hope that very expensive renewables (i.e., wind, solar, etc) alone will supply the needed electricity. Continued belief in this false hope will allow continued death and miseary from the effects of global warming. Commericial nuclear power plants is one option that must be implemented.

Almost everything on this Web site is created by the user. It is a type of Wikidepia for nuclear power plant construction professionals and engineers who want to tell their peers how to do it right this time around in our industry. If what is written is based on only a personal experience, it must be noted as such. If what is written is believed by the author to be knowledge of others a reference must be provided.

Content must not violate copyright law. If content violates copyright it will be deleted. Provided content that is not based on ones sole experience must include appropriate references. Please read policy CopyRightRestrictions regarding copyright regulation.

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